EATAW / Athens Conference 2005
Call for Papers

3rd Conference of the European Association
for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW)
22-24 June 2005
Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece

Conference Topic: Teaching Writing On Line and Face to Face

Important Dates and Deadlines :

  • Deadline for submission of abstracts : 15 January 2005
    (In exceptional circumstances, EATAW may consider proposals submitted after the deadline, but cannot guarantee their acceptance.)
  • Deadline for conference registration for presenters: 15 March 2005
  • Deadline for conference registration for non-presenters: 30 April
    (Non-presenters may register after April 30, but EATAW can not guarantee
    availability of places.)

Conference Papers are invited that address the conference topic or any of the themes and sub-themes listed below.

Theme 1: Technology in teaching and tutoring writing

  • On-line Writing Centers
  • Software for writing
  • The psychological dimension of using computers to teach writing
  • How technology shapes the new roles of writing tutors
  • CALL in teaching academic writing
  • The human-computer interaction in teaching writing and in tutoring

Theme 2: Viability of Writing Centers: A free service or a free enterprise?

  • E-commerce and Online Writing Centers
  • The commercial aspect of Writing Centers

Theme 3: Organizational models for the teaching of academic writing

  • Organizational models to integrate writing into study programs of European universities
  • The interrelation of writing programs and writing centres
  • Establishing new writing programs in European universities
  • Implications of technology for organizational models
  • Historical aspects in the development of writing pedagogy
  • WAC models in Europe

Theme 4: Cross-national and cross-cultural issues in the teaching of writing

  • Diversity in writing cultures, styles and linguistic conventions
  • Dealing with cross-cultural differences in teaching writing
  • Universals and specifics of academic writing across languages
  • Connections and transitions between writing in school and university in different cultures

Theme 5: Research & Innovation in the teaching and tutoring of writing

  • New teaching and tutoring models
  • Implications of new research for teaching and tutoring practice
  • Best practice reports and their implications for writing theory
  • Implications of new technology for writing theory and practice


The standard length for presentations will be 35 minutes (25-30 minutes presentation plus 5-10 minutes for discussion). While the assumption is that presentations will be largely speaker-centered, presenters are strongly encouraged to include and involve their audience, presenting in such a way as to stimulate the interest of the audience.

Workshops - Round Tables

Participant-centered workshops or round tables that offer experiential/reflective activities or group discussion on the above themes are also invited. These will last 75 minutes. We would like to emphasize that the role of the workshop leader should focus principally on guiding and facilitating participant discussion and not on presenting information. In round tables, leaders should ensure that discussion is guided and structured and that at least 30 minutes are devoted to interaction, actively involving non-presenters. Those proposing workshops or round tables should include in their abstract an explanation of how and to what extent the participants will be involved in the proposed activities and discussion.

Presentations, workshops, and round tables should be practical in nature and applicable to the classroom or tutoring environment, but should at the same time be grounded in and make reference to writing and teaching theory.

Working language

Please bear in mind that the working language of the Conference will be English and that no translation will be available.


Abstracts for all proposals should be maximum 200 words and contain the following information:

  • the theme to be addressed
  • the issues/approaches/skills to be raised/explored
  • the relationship with research/literature
  • likely recommendations or conclusions

For workshops/round tables also:

  • the extent and types of interaction to be used (e.g. brainstorming, reflection, small group discussion, cross-grouping, role play).

If you wish to offer a presentation, workshop or round table, please download and complete the presenter proposal form.

Click here to download presenter proposal form.

Completed forms should be e-mailed to .

If you have no e-mail access, the completed form may also be posted to: EATAW 2005, c/o George Exadaktylos, Hellenic American Union, 106 80 Athens, Greece

Proposals arriving after the deadline for submissions will only be accepted in special cases.

If you have any further queries, please contact us at:
The Writing Center Hellenic American Union Hellenic American University