EATAW / Athens Conference 2005

Following are the candidates for the elections of the new 2005-2007 EATAW Board with short biographical notes:

Sangrawee Pat Chaopricha

Teaching Development Center
Mae Fah Luang University

Sangrawee Pat Chaopricha is an Assistant Professor in English of Mae Fah Luang University located in Chiang Rai, Thailand. She earned a doctoral degree in Curriculum & Instruction and Composition Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1997. Her doctoral dissertation is a study of writing in Biochemistry based on the perspectives of M.M. Bahktin, L.V. Vygotsky, and M. Nystrand. She has been teaching, giving training in, conducting research studies and presenting some scholarly works on academic writing in the United States and Thailand. Her interest is in teaching and learning an academic discourse, composition studies, and education administration.

Caroline Coit

English Department
University of Münster

I am an instructor at the University of Münster, an American by birth and culture, and an eager teacher of writing. I teach both academic writing and creative writing. For the past several years, I have begun to focus on Online Learning and teach four courses online at the moment. Obviously, I enjoy working with computers and communicating over the Net so I would be right at home with that kind of constant contact. I especially enjoy having contact with other colleagues and exchanging ideas and teaching techniques.

Carmen Dell'Aversano

Dept. of English
University of Pisa

I became interested in the teaching of writing after realizing (from my own experience both as an undergraduate and as a graduate student) that the Italian university system, with its emphasis on oral exams, did not provide students with a solid foundation in the principles and conventions of scholarly argument. A short time after becoming a lecturer at Pisa, I persuaded the Chancellor there to start a Writing Program, which I still direct; I coauthored the first Italian textbook on academic writing, which will appear in June 2005.

Contacts with various Writing Programs abroad (I taught at Singapore and at Princeton) have had a huge influence on my approach to the teaching of writing; as soon as I learned about EATAW I became convinced of its extraordinary potential as a venue to encourage contacts and to discuss common issues. I believe that Europe, because of its relatively small size and of its common cultural heritage, offers a huge scope for collaborative projects and exchanges; because literacy and languages are an important priority for the European Union, EATAW projects in this field could be likely candidates for EU grants. In my two years as a Board member I have had the chance to get to know some very talented and dedicated colleagues; if I am allowed to go on working with them, as well as taking up normal Board duties, I would like to focus on initiating and facilitating exchanges between writing programs.

George Exadaktylos

Center for Applied Linguistics and Language Studies, Hellenic American Union
Member of the Organizing Committee of the 2005 Athens Conference

I am the Academic Coordinator of the M. Greek Language Program at the Hellenic American Union with an active interest in the use of technology for language teaching. Before that, for 15 years, I taught Composition and Linguistics in an American College in Athens and delivered ESP and vocational guidance courses to underprivileged groups. At the same time, I was involved in international organizations (Greek National Youth Council, European Youth Forum) and in organizing large-scale events (international NGO training seminars).

EATAW is currently in one of its best moments with a great Conference that has attracted many participants from all over the world. Having been a member of the current EATAW Board for two years, I soon realized its potential to become the focal point of reference for our international writing community. I believe that I can help in this direction if I am re-elected in the new Board; the full backing of my institution, the Hellenic American Union, guarantees success in providing the best for the writing community. All you EATAW members are invited!

Katrin Girgensohn

Professor of Academic Writing
European University Viadrina

I teach writing at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder, a small city close to the Polish border. For my Ph.D. Thesis, I have developed and evaluated a model of writing groups for students. I have studied German literature and worked with the idea of writing as a mode of creative collaboration for15 years, e.g. in Berlin where I use writing for community work or combine it with sightseeing for tourists.

In 2001, I published 66 Schreibnachte, a book with exercises for writing in groups.

I am currently a member of the 2003-2005 EATAW Board member.

Find out more about me.

John Harbord

Center for Academic Writing
Central European University

I have been a member of the EATAW board since 2001, hosting the 2003 conference. Although an English speaker, I was attracted to EATAW as an organisation that spans a diversity of languages and disciplines, and am strongly committed to maintaining that diversity. In all of our countries we are aware of the need to raise the profile of writing support at university level, and we can do that more effectively by working together through EATAW. I hope for the chance to help EATAW support writing teachers and researchers across Europe and beyond for a further two years.

Find out more about me.

Vassiliki Kourbani

Academic Coordinator
The Writing Centre at the Hellenic American Union and the Hellenic American University
Member of the Organizing Committee of the 2005 Athens Conference

I am a graduate of the University of Athens (B.A.), the University of Chicago (M.A. in Theoretical Linguistics), the University of Illinois (M.A. in Applied Linguistics) and a Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics ( University of Athens). Between 1991 and 2004, I taught linguistics and composition courses at the American College of Greece. Since 2004, I have been coordinating the Writing Centre at the HAU and conducting research on innovative educational programs.

For over a year now, with the support of the Hellenic American University, I have been involved in the preparation of the EATAW 2005 Conference; I understood how the world of academic writing needs a strong voice, and how EATAW can become one, if given the right support.

I feel that I can serve EATAW well if I am elected as a Board member.

Otto Kruse

Dept. of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies
University of Applied Sciences Zurich

I have been a member of the first and the third EATAW board and would like to continue this work.

Building an international community is a tremendous challenge, and I would like to help to make EATAW a strong organisation.

Joan Mullin

University of Texas at Austin
Dept. of Rhetoric and Composition
University of Texas at Austin


As Professor in Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Texas , I have over 20 years experience in writing centers, WAC , and visual literacy. However, all this has been enriched over the last seven years through WDHE, EATAW and the international scholarship to which I've been exposed. European researchers draw on a wealth of linguistic, literacy, and genre work on writing and multilingual environments not known in the US .

As an ex-officio EATAW Board member, I could offer expertise in US research/practice as needed, but I would also seek ways to make known in the US the work of EATAW scholars.

Gabriela Ruhmann

Schreibzentrum der Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Ruhr-Universität Bochum


Gabriela Ruhmann Master in Philosophy, Linguistics and German language. From 1993 to 1997, I built up the first German writing lab at the University of Bielefeld. Since 2000, I have been the Head of the Writing Centre at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, which I built up since 1997. From 1999 to 2001, I was a member of the EATAW Board which was founded during a writing conference at the Ruhr-Universität of Bochum.

In the field of academic writing, I am working as an adviser and trainer for students, graduates and researchers, and for university teachers and university psychologists. Since 1997, I have been instructing and supervising advisers and trainers for academic writing.

I very much would like to let EATAW benefit from my deep experiences in implementing writing centres and writing programmes within a European educational system full of resistance.

Susana B. Tuero

Dept. of Modern Languages
Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata


Because writing is still an area to be developed in Latin America, the advantages of having a member coming for South America would be twofold; on the one hand, writing instructors from Latin America could share and discuss their ideas and research findings with their European colleagues. On the other hand, writing instructors from Europe would get information about instructors´concerns and interests in EFL writing beyond the European borders.

I got my college degree as a University English Instructor in Argentina

( Universidad Catolica de Mar del Plata). In 1984, I earned my Master´s Degree in TESOL from Michigan State University, and, in 1995, I got my Doctoral Degree (PhD in English -Applied Linguistics) from the same American University. While in the States, I taught introductory courses in Linguistics to students majoring in English. I also worked with foreign students at Michigan State University; I taught grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing courses at the English Language Center from 1992 to 1995. Since 1996, I have been teaching language courses and two writing courses to college students who are majoring in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the Department of Modern Languages, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata.

Esther Maria van der Voort

Deputy Coordinator
Dept.Leiden of Communication in Science
University Medical Centre
The Netherlands

Since 2000 I have worked as a Communication in Science tutor at Leiden University. I teach applied transmodular courses in academic writing and presentation skills in English to science students (BSc, MSc and PhD) and greatly enjoy my work. I am currently deputy coordinator of the Communication in Science team. Our work has a sociolinguistic basis: we focus on interaction as the key to successful communication. Our students learn to write abstracts, research reports, theses, journalistic articles, as well as to present their research results to an international audience. I would enjoy contributing to the work of the EATAW and feel that membership of the board will enhance my awareness of recent, exiting developments both in my field and beyond.

Siew-Rong (Sheryl) Wu

Associate Professor
Center for General Education
National Yang-Ming University


Hello from Taiwan! I am an associate professor at National Yang-Ming University (a medical university in Taipei). In the academic year of 1998 to 1999, I taught writing at the ESL Institutes of two colleges in New Jersey, U.S.A. It was a lovely experience, and I became even more fascinated by the teaching of academic writing afterwards! I have been teaching scientific writing for several years and have often been invited to give talks on how to write scientific papers. My major research interests are teaching and learning of scientific writing by using technology. I am very impressed with the goals of the EATAW conference. I would happily do whatever I can to help promote the setting up of a global writing community both for teachers and learners.

Vera Zegers

English Department
Maastricht University Language Centre

The Netherlands

I am responsible for the coordination of manifold academic writing programmes from undergraduate to post doctorate levels at Maastricht University. In 2006, we will be hosting a 2 nd conference on the integration of content and language in higher education. Having been trained as an academic writing teacher in Germany, I still have close connections with the German community of academic writing teachers while at the same time being very interested in the upcoming Dutch network.I have always found the EATAW an inspiring network with excellent conferences and a high degree of professionalism. I'd be happy to contribute my own experiences and expertise even more in the future.

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