EATAW / Athens Conference 2005
Election Process and General Information

The Athens conference was the occasion for the election of a new EATAW Board, with mission to steer our growing and consolidating organisation and help it develop further . There was considerable interest on the part of EATAW members to serve in the new Board.

To date, duties of EATAW Board members include principally:

  • Being generally available and participating with other board members in e-mail discussion about issues such as letters to membership, problems and complaints, contact with other organisations, new initiatives, and so on.
  • Deciding with other members on the location of the 2007 conference.
  • Reading and evaluating abstracts for the 2007 conference.
  • Attending the 2007 conference and chairing sessions.
  • Providing any other help and suggestions to the next conference organisers.
  • Liaising with any other EATAW interest groups that are set up

For the 2005 elections, the following arrangement applied:

  • Due to the complications of postal/e-mail voting, only those present at the Athens conference were allowed to vote.
  • Members of the current (2003-2005) Board were eligible for re-election.
  • All conference participants received a ballot paper with the names of those standing for election in alphabetical order.
  • A ballot box was provided inside the Hellenic American Union Foyer.
  • After the approval of the General Assembly, immedfiately before the elections, an Electoral Committee was formed; its duties were to count the votes and announce the results. The composition of the Committee was as follows: Chair: Paula Gillespie (USA) – Members: Efthemia Zarra ( Greece), Clive Lawrence ( Netherlands).
  • Conference participants that wished to vote put a tick or an “X” next to the name(s) of the person(s) they preferred. (Maximum number of choices: 9)
  • Ballot papers were completed and posted into the ballot box , until 14.00 of Thursday, 23 June 2005. Late ballots were not counted.
  • The Electoral Committee counted the votes cast and announced the new Board , on the afternoon of Thursday, 23 June 2005.
  • After that, the 2005-2007 Board convened and decided on its composition.

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