EATAW / Athens Conference 2005


Conference topic: "Teaching Writing On Line and Face to Face"

Theme 1: Technology in teaching and tutoring writing

  • On-line Writing Centers
  • Software for writing
  • The psychological dimension of using computers to teach writing
  • How technology shapes the new roles of writing tutors
  • CALL in teaching academic writing
  • The human-computer interaction in teaching writing and in tutoring

Theme 2: Viability of Writing Centers: A free service or a free enterprise?

  • E-commerce and Online Writing Centers
  • The commercial aspect of Writing Centers

Theme 3: Organizational models for the teaching of academic writing

  • Organizational models to integrate writing into study programs of European universities
  • The interrelation of writing programs and writing centers
  • Establishing new writing programs in European universities
  • Implications of technology for organizational models
  • Historical aspects in the development of writing pedagogy
  • WAC models in Europe

Theme 4: Cross-national and cross-cultural issues in the teaching of writing

  • Diversity in writing cultures, styles and linguistic conventions
  • Dealing with cross-cultural differences in teaching writing
  • Universals and specifics of academic writing across languages
  • Connections and transitions between writing in school and university in different cultures

Theme 5: Research & Innovation in the teaching and tutoring of writing

  • New teaching and tutoring models
  • Implications of new research for teaching and tutoring practice
  • Best practice reports and their implications for writing theory
  • Implications of new technology for writing theory and practice

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