EATAW / Athens Conference 2005
The Organizers

The 3rd EATAW Conference was held at the Hellenic American Union (HAU) in Athens, Greece. The HAU is a public-service, not-for-profit organization with an international focus and strong community commitment, dedicated to providing opportunities for a diverse range of audiences to encounter and benefit from innovative educational programs and cultural events. These programs are developed independently by the institution or in partnership with American and European educational and cultural organizations and aim to directly address emergent social or economic needs.

The conference was organized by the Writing Center of the Hellenic American University and the Hellenic American Union Writing Center, together with the 2003-2005 EATAW Board. The Writing Center is an innovative educational and vocational service that provides support, on a one-to-one basis, for any type of writing problem. University students, Hellenic American Union students and the general public may seek help to improve their skills in writing in English and in Modern Greek with guidance and support from experienced tutors.

HAU Task Force EATAW Board (2003-2005)

Stefanos Bacigal
George Exadaktylos
Mary Kontaratou
Vassiliki Kourbani
Dimitris Tolias
Maria Vassiliades

John Harbord (Chair)
Carmen Dell'Aversano
George Exadaktylos
Katrin Girgensohn
Otto Kruse

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